Alltop – I’m in!

For those of you that commented on my last post, please indulge me today. I know I promised you some introductions, and I WILL get to them, tomorrow at the latest. Please, please stop flooding me with comments on this! I don’t know how to do the ‘comments closed’ thing in WordPress, and I’m too lazy tonight to figure it out.

I joined Alltop! So cool! And, get this, my listing is only 1 row ‘below the fold’!! How cool is that? FYI, ‘below the fold’ is an old printing term applied to newspapers. If your ad or article was below the half of the paper that the main headline was on, you were ‘below the fold’. My monitor doesn’t fold, but I imagine that in the computer context, it means below the page that is visible. On your monitor. At the time.

I have heterochromia, or more accurately, sectoral heterochromia, which is much less common. Heterochromia is the pigmentation anomaly that causes Siberian Huskies to have different colored eyes. My childhood neighbor had a Husky with one white and one blue eye. Kinda weird. According to wikipedia, my company includes Christopher Walken. Woot!

How else am I special? Statistically? OK, since you asked:

  • I’m left handed (90% of people are right handed).
  • I don’t have any wisdom teeth, and never did. My dentist said that was one in a million.
  • I was adopted. And, the middle child. Between two non-adopted siblings.
  • I juggle. Balls and clubs, tricks with both. That’s kind of rare, right? I’m the only one in my family…
  • I’m married to the most beautiful woman, and best mother, in the world. That makes me one in 6.5 billion