I was writing a post about robots, and I realized that I haven’t properly introduced the ‘cast of characters’ of my blog. The robots will have to wait. Over the next week or so, I’ll be introducing the people in my life that make their way into my blog, cataloged on the ‘Cast’ page that I will create starting with tomorrow’s post.

I’ll start with my beautiful wife.

Who, incidentally, just had a route canal today. She went in for fillings and the dentist found more serious problems going on in her lovely mouth which required immediate attention. Ow. I stayed home babysitting our girls, dropping off and picking up the three-year-old from preschool, and hanging out with the one-year-old playing Keep the Baby On The Changing Table While Changing Her Diaper (I almost lost), Don’t Lie On the Puppy, and Get Incredibly Dirty In Thirty Seconds Flat. Ah, fun games. BW (beautiful wife) is really glad that the one-year-old and I have finally established a solid connection. It was harder to bond with her as a breast-feeder – it was difficult to juxtapose myself between her and the source of all life and goodness. Spending time alone with her has definitely helped me get closer to her.

Who, incidentally, is STANDING NOW! Yay! She’s been pulling herself up for a while now, but she’s actually able to stand up from a sitting position. Sometimes she’ll stand up and forget she’s standing, and start playing games. She’s very careful to sit back down when she’s done, and we know she’s going to start walking any day. BW got a shot of her yesterday at the park, doing her thing.

It is polite, or good blogging etiquette to have a cast? Should I (anonymously) introduce the people in my blog? I have no idea. I can’t seem to find the daddy blog rulebook anywhere. Most of the people in my life are my immediate family, our pets, and a few fictional characters who may or may not be introduced. I guess I’ll just go with it; if the internets doesn’t scream at me to stop, I’ll introduce all the people and animals in my little life to you :).

But no robots. Yet.