Tomorrow the World Will be Ready

Panda (the 5-year-old) has been taking to getting herself dressed in the morning before school, and she breezed into our bedroom this morning in an outfit that prompted a ‘Chic!’ from BW.

[Note: ‘chic’ in German is pronounced ‘shick’ (like Shick-Shadle Hospital – only 10 days, plus a couple of weekend follow-ups to get that nasty monkey off your back), and is used to describe an outfit that looks flattering or cool on a person. They use this term more often than we use it, and it applies to children as well as adults.]

Panda stood next to our bed, looking at BW’s bedside lamp through das Kronjuwel of her outfit: sunglasses. She then conducted an informal application of the Scientific Method:

Panda: Hey, the light doesn’t look right.
BW: Really? Why is that?
Panda: Hmmm. It looks right when I take off the glasses.
BW: Uh huh. What if you put them back on?
Panda: It looks wrong again!
Me: So what do the sunglasses do?
Panda: Make me look cool!

At the bus stop, I waited until the bus was lumbering down the street before quickly cleaning breakfast off her face, and snagging the shades in the process.

Panda: Hey, I was going to wear those to school!
Me: Sorry kiddo, the world isn’t ready for that much cool!