It’s official – I’ve got a job. I start on Tuesday. I’ll be working for a contractor for a large software developer, which has an office about 30 miles from where we live. While I’m not looking forward to the commute, I am definitely looking forward to regular income, and paying the bills and stuff. The company has strict policies about blogging, so I’m not sure what I can blog about. The NDA I signed said something like, “If you have questions about the content of a blog post, you probably shouldn’t post it,” or something like that. So what can I blog about now? Is everything off limits? I need some kind of rubric for determining what’s still valid content for my blog. Like this:

  • Do not post any content having the words Jar Jar Binks anywhere in the post. Actively hunt down other blog posts with these words and try to delete them.
  • Do not post any technical content, or parenting content that has to do with robots (e.g., robotic nannies, automated changing tables, or child robots, like Astro Boy).
  • Do not post anything about rainbows. Even if they are double rainbows.
  • OK to post about left-handedness, peanut butter (generic), unicorns, and parental opinions as they relate to non sequiturs.

That makes tomorrow’s blog post pretty easy:

Opinion: left-handed unicorns in the peanut butter again? That’s OK with me…

This week I’ve been trying to finish up the various projects I’ve been working on. I’m also spending more focused time with the girls. It’s funny how the prospect of leaving makes me evaluate what’s important to me: I’m really going to miss being here every day. For two years, I’ve been here every morning. Now, I will have left long before the girls get out of bed. I’ll miss the routine we’ve built (cacao, feeding the dogs, walking Panda to the bus stop).

To my readers who have encouraged me these last few months, thank you. Your words have helped me more than I can express. This has been a difficult time for all of us here (Beautiful Wife included), and knowing that there are people out there pulling for us, has kicked my ass on more than one occasion. I’ll let you know how the job goes, without disclosing any real information.