Out! LED Flashlight Dispenser

[Job update: background check has not been completed yet so I’m still waiting to hear final confirmation on my job. However, my contracting agency has assured me that, barring something unforeseen (I robbed a bank, and didn’t tell them about it because I forgot), I will be reporting to work in a couple of weeks. I should hear something final in a day or two. I hope… ]

We love our dogs. Sawyer (named for the character on Lost) is a Lab mix, and Josie (Jo-Jo) is our King Charles Spaniel (a beautiful gift from Oma). My job is to feed and clean up after our canine friends, and maybe provide them with some additional exercise every once in a while. BW used to take them to the dog park, but Sawyer has some kind of chronic injury to his hindquarters that we don’t have a handle on quite yet, so short walks through our neighborhood is all we try.

Last night, we got the kind of weather forecast I was expecting: dark, with scattered light toward morning. If you’re like me, you dread the thought of going outside in the dark, while it’s freezing cold, to walk your dog who may poop right on the street. To even think about doing this, you’d want a good LED flashlight, some easily accessible plastic bags to pick up any poo, and a nice warm jacket. Enter the Out! LED Flashlight Dispenser and Pick-up Bags:

The Out! LED Flashlight Dispenser and Pick-up Bags is a compact unit that attaches to your dog’s leash, providing you (the designated dog-walker) with a super-bright LED flashlight, AND, convenient bags for picking up your dogs’ gifts to the world. Assembly of this tool is super-easy – just remove it from the package, open it by removing the flashlight (it just unscrews), and ‘starting’ the plastic bags by taking off the tape and pulling the first bag through the slot on the side of the dispenser.

Screw the flashlight back onto the dispenser (there are guide marks on the flashlight and the dispenser that show you where to line it up), and then attach it to your leash with the handy carabiner.

And now, you are ready to walk your dog!

After a little convincing, Sawyer was totally up for a little walk. I couldn’t find Jo-Jo’s leash, so I left her at the house. The LED flashlight is bright, and stayed attached to the leash without any trouble.

Sawyer didn’t poop, so I’m saving you that image, but the bags are thick enough to handle dog waste and disposal. This gadget worked well, and if we lived in a city in a condo where walking the dogs was mandatory every day, I would buy one of these, no question.