I’m having a hard time staying focused. There are so many things I need to take care of! And so many things I’m trying to do. It’s almost impossible for me to stay with one task long enough to complete it, as other tasks keep grabbing my attention and distracting me.

Take blogging, for example (take my blog, please!*). This is the fourth draft I’ve created over the last few days, trying to get a blog post out. Oops, hang on, bath time for the girls. IB flooded her bed last night, which earns her a trip to the tub.

OK, I’m back. The girls are watching a new episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Have you ever seen an episode where Mickey says, ‘Maybe one of our Mouskatools can help! Oh, Toodles!’ Toodles trundles over, they look at the tools, and there’s nothing that can help. Yeah, I haven’t seen that episode either. Toodles is amazing. It will be a sad day at the Clubhouse when he gets laid off.

[‘Beautiful wife just asked for a phone number from my cell phone. I got it, and let the dogs out, let the cats in, and made sure they all had food.]

My number one task is trying to find a job. I had two interviews last week, but no job – wait, beautiful wife just announced she’s going to interrupt me now, hang on… OK, back, sorry. She wants me to take something back to the store when I’m out running errands this morning. So, interviewing is good, and my job search seems to be picking up steam. It’s like any marketing exercise, I guess – you want to fill up the queue with leads, and eventually, results start popping out the end.

Is anyone else distracted? Anyone have advice on how to focus on something for more than three minutes at a time? I’m really – hey, I wonder where my Matrix soundtrack CD is, I haven’t heard that album in like, forever. No! No time. I’m going to get dressed, start the Departure Procedure with the girls (kiss, hugs, pirouette, kiss again), and leave.


*I don’t get no respect.