Tagged Content in Audio and Video Streams

Last night I completed a homework assignment for my course that had to do with storing video and audio files in a database. I used YouTube as my example of a database management system that handles tagged content to organize, search, and MODIFY videos, sometimes huge batches at a time.

For example:

Shortly after I got laid off from my job, I shot a video of myself creating a snow angel in my backyard. It was the result of a bet I lost with my beautiful wife. I used the the song Super-massive Black Hole by Muse, from the Twighlight soundtrack (I’m crazy like that), and I really liked the final result.

Then, YouTube got smarter with tagging.

They STRIPPED MY VIDEO! Well, lots of videos, actually. Every ‘unauthorized’ audio track that represented possible copyright infringement was stripped out of EVERY video. I went to my videos and watched my Goodfather Snowangel, and .. total silence. It was lame!

Then, YouTube got smarter with tagging.

YouTube RE-INSERTED my soundtrack! Complete with artist information, copyright info, and a $5.00 bill in the mail! Actually, I didn’t get 5 bucks. But, I did get my video back.