I’m driving over to my friend Ned’s house today to help him with his website. He’s a remodeling contractor who runs his own business, and lately, business isn’t great. Actually, he’s concerned about going out of business. Because there’s no business at all. The person that used to maintain his site and list him on various services like Craig’s List bailed on him, so I’m going to volunteer some of my time.

I have adequate ’setting up websites’ skills. In fact, this blog is not the only website I have on the net. In the interest of disclosure, I’ll introduce my other not-for-profit project. I say not-for-profit because, even though it’s a ‘webstore’ that ’sells clothing’, it doesn’t ‘make any money’. I’m basically running it as a favor for my friend.

To be fair, I should say the my beautiful wife is running it. Julia (whose signature points at the store when she comments) does almost everything on our website. She takes the pictures, edits them in Photoshop, manages the inventory, ships items, and tracks sales. And, at all these tasks, she absolutely rocks. My contribution was the server-side application (written in Django), and I fix bugs and add new features every so often, but she handles all of the day-to-day stuff.